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U-shaped kitchen design
How to equip the U-shaped kitchen
All about how to equip U-shaped kitchen on an area of ​​5 square meters. meters and do it well. Further in the article 12 design tips and 55 photos of examples of U-shaped headsets.
Assembling a kitchen corner set
Features self-assembly kitchen corner set
Did you know that you can not only buy a kitchen in the salon, but also do it yourself 2 times cheaper even if you are not a professional furniture maker? We present you instructions, a selection of useful links and training videos, and the most interesting is real photos of homemade headsets with cost estimates!
Corner kitchen design
Perfect corner kitchen: 100 photos and 11 design tips
Extendable fittings in the corner cabinets, the installation of a window sill in the set, narrowed sidewall - tell you how to plan the corner set in the best way. And here you will find 100 photos of small and large kitchens with L-shaped layout.
How to update the kitchen set
3 easy ways to upgrade your kitchen
We update the kitchen, following one of three step-by-step instructions and being inspired by a selection of 70 photo examples of budget and easy update of furniture.
Build a kitchen set with your own hands
Assembling a kitchen set with your own hands as a designer
The nuances of preparing the premises and the selection of tools. How to properly assemble and install the upper and lower boxes - features of the work and the sequence of their implementation. The main rules of assembly. Determining the height of hanging boxes.