Knitted curtains for the kitchen - pelmets, curtains, curtains-cafe

knitted curtains for the kitchen

Do I have to buy ready-made curtains - tulle or organza, for example, to decorate the kitchen space? Knitted curtains are not new, because our great-grandmothers were able to knit for the kitchen not only tablecloths and napkins, but also beautiful window and door curtains. Today, this unusual method of registration is undeservedly forgotten, but let's take a look at it in a new way. After all, right now the Provence, Chebbi Chic, Country, Scandinavian Country, Rustic and Russian styles are gaining popularity, and therefore knitted curtains can become a real interior masterpiece, original and original.

Knitted curtains in the interior

And if, in addition to curtains, you also tie napkins, tablecloths and chair covers, you will get a kitchen set in the same style.

Knitted Kitchen Set

Curtains, curtains, cafes, pelmets - about color and patterns

Knitted curtains in the kitchen really require delicate care. However, in terms of design, such a product is the best solution for rooms in a rustic style, where the naturalness of textiles and the feeling that everything in the house is made, connected and sewn with your own hands is important.

Curtains in the style of Provence or Country should not be too lush. But their main decoration is a floral or floral motif, rural pastoral pictures or ornate patterns.

Knitted curtains in the interior of the kitchen

Knitted curtains in the style of Provence, country and shebby chic

As for color, pearl, cream, dairy, white and other light shades would be the best choice. Provence and blue, lilac, pink, blue, olive tones are allowed, but not bright, but muted.

Country Style Knitted Curtains

Blue and blue curtains in the style of Provence

The atmosphere of antiquity will be transmitted very accurately, if you choose schemes with large patterns - butterflies, plants, blossoming flowers.

Good for the kitchen and snow-white knitted curtains - they make the space more bright, perfect and festive. By the way, in village styles on small kitchens You can use both straight webs to the window sill, and curtains in the style of "cafe" or laconic short lambrequins.

Knitted curtains cafe

Knitted curtains cafe

Knitted curtains cafe

Knitted lambrequin

Knitted lambrequin can be combined with curtains or tulle.

Knitted lambrequin with curtains

If we are talking about a spacious room, then with a crochet you can link a real volumetric masterpiece - here experiments with color, length and texture will be appropriate.

It is possible to tie not only curtains with your own hands, but such holders and decorations for them.

Ideas knitted holders and decor for curtains

Ideas knitted holders for curtains

Ideas knitted holders for curtains

Curtain knitting techniques

For the manufacture of curtains for the kitchen, you will need the appropriate schemes - it is on them that the decorative effect depends on the use of the finished product. But before you select them, you need to make measurements of the window opening and choose the appropriate crochet technique. There are 4 such techniques in total:

  1. Sirloin - in this case, the canvas is executed as an alternation of empty and full cells (columns / air loops). This curtain can be made whole or from individual elements. The technique is very common, allows you to knit without a pattern.

Curtains - loin knitting

And here's another idea knitted curtains, cafes, pelmets and curtains for the shelves, which can be knitted by hand in the technique of sirloin knitting.

Ideas knitted curtains - loin knitting

Ideas knitted curtains - loin knitting

Ideas knitted curtains - loin knitting

Ideas knitted curtains - loin knitting

Ideas knitted curtains - loin knitting

Ideas knitted curtains - loin knitting

Ideas knitted curtains - loin knitting

  1. Bruges (Vologda lace) - crocheted lace is a combination of lace strips, background mesh and decorative motifs. The braid here is made with openwork or dense, ordinary double crochet, and the base can be complemented by completely different motives. It turns out very spectacular imitation of lace, woven on bobbins.

Knitted curtains - bruges technique

Lambrequins and curtains cafes, crocheted using the bruges technique.

Knitted curtains - bruges technique

  1. Irish lace patterns are a magnificent combination of diverse elements - leaves, flowers, placed on a canvas-mesh, filling the gaps. Such works with their own hands require the creation of a preliminary sketch and pattern. The pattern helps to calculate the number of necessary elements and their location on the finished product.

Ideas knitted curtains - Irish lace

Ideas knitted curtains - Irish lace

Ideas knitted curtains - Irish lace

Ideas knitted curtains - Irish lace

  1. Broomstick (Peruvian technique) means crocheting and very thick knitting needles. Sometimes a ruler or pencil is used instead. With a thick needle, separate rows of arches are performed, between which any other crocheted patterns are placed.

Knitted curtains - Broomstick technique

But how can you make original kitchen curtains of bright colors with your own hands?

Knitted curtains do it yourself

Knitted curtains do it yourself

Knitted curtains do it yourself

Knitted curtains do it yourself

Instead of colors, there may be snowflakes, and even knitted napkins.

Curtains for the kitchen from knitted napkins

Snowflake knitted curtains

Basic recommendations

DIY crochet means choosing the right thread and tools. The thread is selected by the number, thickness and type of hook. The higher the density of the selected thread, the thicker the hook should be.

If you decide to decorate the kitchen curtains of bulk wool, then choose plastic tools for knitting. If cotton or linen is chosen as the material, then metal tools are chosen.

You can choose different schemes and types of threads - so that the products created by yourself will turn out to be really unique.

To crochet beautiful curtains to the kitchen, you need to start working with making a small piece - for example, a square with a side of 10 cm. Sample needs to be washed and ironed, after which you will determine whether the resulting mating density is right for you.

Then the height of the window opening and the length of the kitchen cornice are measured, the product is knitted in accordance with the chosen technique.

The finished canvas is erased - here it is important to fully follow the recommendations of manufacturers of threads.

The finished and washed curtains are dried to a semi-moist state, after which they are very carefully ironed - and a unique product can be hung on the eaves.

Methods of fastening knitted curtains

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