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Kitchen with window
How to use windows in kitchen design
The rest of the article contains a selection of 70 interior photos and 5 super-ideas on how to maximize the use of the window in kitchen design.
Kitchen in Stalinka
Kitchen design in Stalinka
Learn how to transform an outdated Stalinist kitchen into a modern and stylish space from our 13 design tips and a selection of 70 interior photos.
Kitchen 7 square meters
Kitchen 7 square. meters in 9 steps
A suite to the ceiling, a doorway without a door, a window-sill-table, white walls - we tell you how to make a 7-square-meter mini-kitchen. m beautiful and functional.
Kitchen 5 square meters
Kitchen design 5 square. meters from repair to decor
In the arrangement of small kitchens, much depends on the layout, size of furniture, colors, lighting and many other small things. If everything is done correctly, even a 5-meter kitchen in an ordinary Khrushchev can accommodate everything you need. In this article you will find 50 photos of beautiful interiors and a guide on the arrangement of a 5-square-meter mini-kitchen. meters
Kitchen entrance
Design of the kitchen, combined with the hallway
Is it possible to move the kitchen and all engineering communications in the corridor? How to combine the kitchen with the hallway? How to equip the kitchen hallway? And is the game worth the candle? We understand these and other issues later in the article.
Summer cuisine
11 useful tips on arranging summer kitchen
Learn 11 tips on design, decoration and construction of a summer kitchen in a country house or a private house and draw ideas from the selection of 70 photos of beautiful pavilions, verandas, terraces and grill houses.