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Sink made of artificial stone in the kitchen
Kitchen sink made of artificial stone - 8 tips for choosing
They say that about 60% of kitchen work falls on the sink, so it should be super practical and also beautiful. It seems that washing from an artificial stone is what is needed for the kitchen, but there are several “pitfalls” in her choice ... In this article you will learn 8 main tips on how to choose a really good sink, how to properly care for it and in which In any case, it is worth choosing a stainless steel sink.
Low ceiling kitchen
15 tricks of kitchen design with a low ceiling
Your kitchen has low ceilings only 2.4 or 2.5 m high, or do you just want to visually “lift” them? In this article, you will find 15 design tricks to help you do this, as well as a selection of 30 real photos for your inspiration.
Heated floors for the kitchen
Heated floors for the kitchen
The article contains an overview of the pros and cons of cable, rod and film underfloor heating, as well as a selection of videos on their own installation.
Liquid wallpaper in the kitchen
Liquid wallpaper in the kitchen - 5 questions and answers
Perhaps the famous slogan "just add water" could be adopted by manufacturers of liquid wallpaper. After all, really, to put on the wall or to restore such a coating, you need only water and a trowel.But is silk plaster suitable for kitchen walls? We understand the question further in the article.
Arch in the kitchen - the design and manufacture of their own hands
An arched doorway instead of a kitchen door is a great way to visually make it more spacious. We offer step-by-step instructions for making an interior arch with your own hands, as well as 40 photos of different design arches in the interior further in the article.
Plastic apron
Apron on the kitchen of plastic - information for the buyer
The plastic apron is an excellent material in the ratio of the price and quality. After all, it is lightweight, inexpensive and fairly durable. However, it is not compatible with a gas stove and ... a bright interior. Read about these and other features of plastic aprons further in the article.