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DIY handicrafts

Pasta is not only a delicious side dish, but also an excellent material for creating all kinds of handicrafts with your own hands. After all, they are so easy to handle, available in large quantities and in various forms. Children of preschool and school age “macaroni needlework” will help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and for adults it will be an exciting hobby. In this material you will find 15 do-it-yourself pasta ideas, 100 inspirational photo-examples, some simple instructions and a step-by-step master class on coloring pasta with food coloring.

Idea 1. Pasta angels

Crafts from macaroni in the form of angels can be turned into a garland or a set of Christmas tree toys. They are made very simple, so that you can easily make a whole lot of lovely angels with your child.

Pasta Angel


  • 20 mm wooden ball (for the manufacture of the head).
  • Large tubules or Italian rigatoni (for the mantle).
  • Wheels or flowers (for the collar).
  • Horns (for hands).
  • Little stars (for decorating dresses, also suitable for imitating hair).
  • Ditalini (small tubular pasta to create hair).
  • Bows or butterflies (for wings).
  • Glue gun.


First, glue the wheel to the tube with thermal glue, then the head-ball to the center of the wheel, and under the collar, glue bow wings to the body.

Making an angel out of pasta

Next, glue the hands-horns to the sides of the angel or to the underside of the collar - depending on how the angel will look better with your pasta.

Making an angel out of pasta

Now glue ditalini hair onto the ball in several rows. By the way, you can arrange small tubule hair in two ways - across the head and along. Finally, decorate the angel's mantle with stars: glue one onto the collar and a few more onto the hem.

Making an angel out of pasta

Make as many angels as you want, and then paint them. You can come up with your own design of angels or paint them white as in this master class. To do this, put the figures on a few pencils or wooden skewers, stick them into the foam or into the ground, and then paint the angels with three layers of paint.

Painting angels

When all the figures are dry, use a marker with a very thin rod, draw closed eyes and mouth on their faces.

Singing Angel of Pasta

Want to make angels even more elegant? Make for them a halo of wire and gold beads, and paint the stars on the mantle with gold paint as shown in the photo.

Pasta Angel

The following photo compilation presents examples of angels made from pasta of other shapes.

  • Ideas to create angels from pasta

Idea 2. Hair accessories

Pasta are so beautiful that they can even beautify their hair. For example, the usual hair band will become more elegant if you stick on it spikelets painted with gold spray paint.

Pasta Headband

Coloring pasta-spikelets in gold color

Also from the rim and wheels and flowers stuck together, you can make a tiara for a little princess.

Pasta Tiara

Butterflies can be made jewelry for the hair. To do this, they need to decorate, and then glued to stealth, clamps or hairpins.

Hairpins with pasta-bows

Hairpins with pasta-bows

Hairpins with pasta-bows and wheels

Idea 3. "Jewelry"

Here is another idea for ladies - earrings, bracelets, beads and necklaces made from pasta. In the next selection of photos you can see examples of bead designs for younger girls. Children can make such accessories with their own hands even without the help of adults, because glue is not even needed here, only paints and threads.

  • Pasta Beads

But such necklaces, earrings and bracelets can be worn not only by young ladies, but also by their mothers.

  • Bracelet and necklace from pasta bows

By adding feathers to pasta beads, you will create jewelry for an Indian party or children's games.

Indian style macaroni necklaces

Idea 4. Panels and pictures of pasta

You can create wall panels of macaroni of various sizes, shapes and colors, or “write” real paintings - portraits, landscapes, still lifes and abstract scenes. There are at least two techniques for making pasta paintings.

1 way: Find on the Internet a suitable pattern for embroidery and pick up the same small pasta. For example, it can be very small tubes or asterisks. Paint the pasta in the desired color (see Master Class at the end of the article), and then paste them onto the canvas on a frame in accordance with the chosen pattern for embroidery. You can glue the details on the PVA glue or thermal glue (in this case it is better to apply the glue on the macaroni, and not on the canvas).

2 way: By hand or using a ready-made / home-made stencil, sketch out a sketch on the canvas. Think about what pasta is suitable for your drawing. So, for example, spirals are suitable for the image of hair, tubes can depict bricks at home, shells can be themselves, and all small horns, asterisks, etc. can be used to "fill" or "draw" contours. You also need to plan what colors will be used for the picture. Keep in mind that you can make a composition not only from pasta, but also from cereals and beans. Having decided on the palette, paint the pasta (see Master Class at the end of the article) and then paste them in the correct order.

In the next selection of photos are examples of murals and pictures of pasta that children can make, for example, to decorate their room, for a school assignment, or to give to a loved one.

Picture of pasta

Panel of bows

Panel of pasta bows

Drawing of pasta and panels of bows

Pasta panel

Panel of seashells, feathers and butterflies

Panel of seashells, feathers and butterflies

Panel of pasta bows

Panel of pasta bows

And here are ideas from hand-made cereals and pasta for creative adults.

Portrait of pasta and cereals

Ernest Hemingway's portrait of macaroni and cereals

Portraits of pasta and cereals

Abstract panels

Abstract composition of spaghetti and pasta on the basis of CDs

Picture of pasta and cereals

Panel of pasta in the frame

Idea 5. Butterfly Garland

Depending on the color of macaroni-butterflies, you can create garlands for the New Year, Easter, children's birthday, Halloween and any themed holiday.

  • Macaroni Butterfly Garland

Macaroni garlands

And with this kind of macaroni craft you can decorate a children's room.

Garland of macaroni butterflies in the interior of the nursery

Making a garland of pasta is very simple. For this you need only a nice thread, one or two packs of butterflies, as well as paint or glue with glitter.

Macaroni Butterfly Garland

However, not only from the bows you can make a garland, any figural macaroni and tubules will fit as in the photo below.

Garland of pasta on the Christmas tree

Garland of pasta on the Christmas tree

See also the material: How to make a garland with your own hands.

Idea 6. Organizer for stationery

Any glass and even a tin can can be turned into a nice organizer for office supplies. All you need is pasta, glue and acrylic paints.

Organizer for stationery

Organizer for stationery

Idea 7. Christmas toys

You can make beautiful Christmas-tree toys out of curly macaroni. For example, wheels, flowers and shells easily fold into snowflakes.Moreover, combinations of details can be so different that each decoration on the tree will be unlike any other.

  • Christmas toys from macaroni

The principle of creating a macaroni snowflake is simple - at first a core is made of one or several details, and then around 5-6 rays of it are glued together from different or identical pasta glued together. Before gluing the snowflakes, the whole combination needs to be folded on paper and make sure that all the details fit together. After the glue dries, you can start painting. If you want to cover crafts with glitter, then this should be done immediately after dyeing so that the glitter has time to grab with paint. To better secure the sparkles, sprinkle a snowflake with hair spray. In the next photo slider, the stages of work are presented visually.

  • Macaroni snowflake - core making
    Core making

Ready made macaroni snowflakes

And here are other options for Christmas tree decorations that are easy to make with your own hands out of pasta.

  • Christmas ball made of foam blanks and pasta stars
    Christmas ball made of foam blanks and pasta stars

Christmas decorations from macaroni

Pasta in plastic spheres

Christmas toys from large curly pasta

Herringbone and macaroni cross

Idea 8. Macaroni Casket

A box of wheels or flowers may seem the result of the finest work of a master, but in fact, anyone can make such a craft with their own hands. To do this, you need to pick up a small box, build the bottom of the box according to its size, then directly around the walls of the box, assemble the box walls with glue and finally make a lid of the appropriate size. If desired, handles assembled from several parts can be glued to the sides of the box, and legs can be glued to the bottom. Next, the lid and casket should be interconnected with pieces of flexible plastic or leather. When the product is ready, it remains only to cover it with spray paint.

Pasta Box

Pasta Box

Pasta Box

There is also an easier way to make a box of pasta with your own hands, when the finished box or box is taken as the basis, and the pasta is used only for decoration.

Macaroni Caskets

The main thing here is to create beautiful and neat patterns and carefully paint over the casket as well as the pasta decorations. For painting such crafts from pasta is best to use spray cans.

Casket with pasta decor

Idea 9. Bookmark for a book

Figured pasta, for example, bows, as well as possible can decorate bookmarks for books and textbooks.

  • Bookmarks with pasta decor

To make the bookmark itself, you need to cut a rectangle out of cardboard, paste it with scraping paper (or any other beautiful paper), and then laminate the bookmark with transparent tape.

  • Making bookmarks for books

Pasta can simply be painted in bright colors and / or covered with sparkles as in this master class. To make pasta shiny, you only need to treat them with white glue, generously sprinkle with sparkles and brush away the excess.

  • Sequin Pasta

After 2-3 hours, when the glue becomes transparent and dries, pasta can be glued to the bookmarks with a glue gun.

  • Bookmark decor

Idea 10. Cards with pasta decor.

The same bows or, say, pasta hearts can be used for making cards with your own hands. The principle of operation remains the same as for the manufacture of bookmarks (see Idea No. 9). And here is a selection of photo examples of "pasta" cards.

Postcard with pasta decor

Postcard with pasta decor

Postcard with pasta decor

Postcard with pasta decor

Postcard with pasta decor

Idea 11. Elegant photo frames

Figured macaroni can decorate the frame for photos, paintings or posters. This requires only thermo-glue, frame, paint and pasta themselves. In the next selection of photos, you can learn ideas for decorating frames for children and adults.

  • Frame made of pasta and cardboard

Idea 12. Lampshade for the lamp

With the help of ordinary tubules, you can make pendants for the lampshade lampshade (left photo). With the help of spaghetti or, for example, wheels, you can build a frame lampshade (right photo). And pasta can decorate the finished lampshade. These lamps will look good in the kitchen or in the children's room.

Pasta lampshades

Idea 13. Candlestick

Make a candle out of pasta in two ways. The first way is to decorate any blank or ready-made candlestick with pasta.

Macaroni Candlestick

The second method involves the construction of a candlestick from a variety of pasta, for example, wheels, as in the photo below. You need to build such a candlestick around a round or square glass.

Pasta Wheel Candle Holder

See also the material: How to make a candlestick with your own hands: 70 photos, 7 ideas and workshops.

Idea 14. Mini-tree

If you like the idea of ​​making macaroni angels, garlands or Christmas tree toys, then we suggest to fill up the collection of New Year's décor and macaroni herringbone. Such an odd job will look great on a holiday table, console table or mantel.


Prepare heavy paper or cardboard, a glass bottle or a large glass, thermo glue, paint in a can (for example, gold), a pack of pasta-butterflies, and some additional decor like beads. Cut a semicircle out of cardboard, roll it into a cone and fix with glue. Keep in mind that the greater the height of the cardboard, the higher the tree will be. Putting the cone on the bottle, start to stick on the bottom edge of the butterfly in one row. Then proceed to the second row, but now place the pasta so that they cover the gaps in the first row.

Making Christmas tree from pasta

Continue to stick butterflies on the same principle to the very top, so that the cone was completely hidden under the Christmas "branches". When the glue is dry, spray paint on the Christmas tree, and then glue the beads to decorate.

Making Christmas tree from pasta

Ready Christmas tree from pasta

In the next selection of photos, you can learn other ideas for creating Christmas trees from pasta.

Scallop Christmas Tree

Scallop Christmas Tree

Christmas tree of different pasta and a tree of shells

Christmas tree of different pasta and a tree of shells

Fir-trees from feathers and spirals

Fir-trees from feathers and spirals

Idea 15. Christmas wreath

Another idea of ​​handmade pasta for celebrating New Year, Christmas or Easter is a wreath of pasta. To make it, you will need a foam blanket, glue, shaped pasta, ribbons, paint and the rest of the decor.

  • Mushroom Wreath
    Mushroom Wreath

Master Class - How to paint pasta

In some cases, pasta can and should be painted only after they are made. For example, if you glue a few parts, then the paint will have to cover the glueing places and, possibly, some flaws. For this purpose fit:

  • Gouache;
  • Acrylic paints;
  • Nail polishes;
  • Spray paints.

But sometimes it is better to paint pasta in bulk before the start of work. For this purpose, fit all the same standard paint or ... food colors.

Food Colored Pasta

Food Colored Pasta

Below is a guide on how to use them to paint pasta quickly and easily.


  • Alcohol or vinegar;
  • Food colors in the right colors;
  • The closed plastic packages (at the rate of one package on 1 dye);
  • Tablespoon;
  • Napkins.

Step 1. Fill the bags with macaroni lock approximately ¼ glasses.

Pasta coloring

Step 2. Add in each package 2 tbsp. l alcohol or 3-4 tbsp. l vinegar in the bag.

Step 3. Add 5 to 10 drops of food coloring, depending on the intensity of the color you want to achieve. Close the package, releasing air from it.

Pasta coloring

Step 4. Shake the bag gently so that the dye and alcohol cover all the pasta.

Step 5. Remove the pasta from the bag, put it on a napkin or parchment paper and leave it to dry for 3 hours or overnight.

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