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features of the choice of wooden table for the kitchen

Most often, the kitchen table is chosen from solid wood, glass or more cost-effective chipboard or MDF with veneer. At the same time, dining tables made of wood are still most in demand. The pros and cons of wooden kitchen tables are as follows:

Pros and cons of the wooden table

What you need to focus on when choosing?

How to choose a table for the kitchen? There are several aspects that must be considered:

  1. Kitchen tables must be chosen according to the rules. ergonomics. It is recommended to keep the distance from the table to the wall 80 cm so that you can easily sit down, stand up and move the chair back. And around the dining group (along with the chairs) there should be aisles with a width of at least 100 cm.

Dining group sizes

  1. The form must match the proportions and sizes of the room, its overall design and the number of people who will be dining here. So, round and oval models best fit in the spacious kitchen, and square and rectangular - in small. If the design is dominated by smooth lines, then the table should have oval shape. If the design concept is built on concise geometry, then the tabletop is desirable rectangular.
  2. Functionality. The most practical are sliding and folding designs or transforming tables. There are also tables with drawers for storage.
  3. Material. When choosing a particular tree species, the budget for the purchase is taken into account, as well as the physical properties of one or another option. We will tell about it below.
  4. Design. Kitchen tables should harmoniously fit into the interior in color and style.

Choose a design, shape and size

For small kitchen The optimal size of the kitchen table will be a square model 90x90 cm as in the photo below.

Square wooden table in the interior of a small kitchen

Square table in the interior of a small kitchen

The standard rectangular shape of the tabletop also economically takes up space, but at the same time is quite roomy. In the following photo, the dimensions of the table are 120x70 cm. At such a table, without any discomfort, a family of 4 will fit.

Wooden table in the interior of the kitchen

Wooden table in the interior of a small kitchen

In the interior of spacious kitchens, or kitchens combined with living room or dining room massive wooden tables are appropriate.

  • Wooden teak table in the kitchen-living room interior

And if you like round tablethen its diameter can be in the range of 90-150 cm. By the way, the round kitchen table is the safest, because there are no sharp corners in it. But do not forget that such models are more suitable for dining rooms and kitchens from 10 square meters. m, because it can not be moved close to the wall.

Round wooden table in Provence style interior

Round wooden table in the kitchen

Round wooden table with a patina in the interior of a classic kitchen

Although in a small kitchen, if the family is small, you can put a round table, especially if it is sliding, as in the photo below.

Round small wooden table in the interior of a small kitchen

However, if you like round tables, but the kitchen area is too small, then choose a table in the shape of a semicircle - you can attach it to the wall. It can be foldable and foldable.

Wooden folding table of semicircular shape in the interior of a small kitchen

Folding wooden table

Oval models are much more often seen in spaces that are modest in size, besides, they are perfectly combined with soft corners.

Wooden oval table in the interior of the kitchen

oval table in the interior of the kitchen-dining room

Oval table in the interior of the kitchen

Oval table in the interior of the kitchen-dining room

Oval table in the interior of a small dining room

Oval mahogany table in the interior of the kitchen

In the design of kitchen tables, not the worktop, but the shape and type of legs can be crucial.For example, a round table would look perfect with one central leg, richly decorated with carvings or otherwise decorated.

Round wooden table in the kitchen interior

Round wooden table on one leg in the interior

Rectangular, oval, round, square and any other wooden kitchen tables can theoretically have any number of legs, usually from 1 to 4. Most often tabletops are based on carved balusters, curved legs or standard straight.

Wooden tables with different legs

For square and rectangular table tops today is relevant underframes in the style of European garden tables.

Wooden kitchen tables, stylized garden

Folding tables in the interior of the kitchen

It is always necessary to remember that the kitchen table should be not only attractive, but also durable and comfortable.

Therefore, for small rooms, folding (with a folding cover) or sliding (with additional sections) models are often chosen. A wooden table-bookcase, if necessary, will hold at least 10 guests, and when folded, it will take up no more than a bedside table. Wooden folding tables are very popular. IKEAIn the photo below you can see the popular models Ingatorp, Norden, Byurst in the interior.

Folding wooden table in the interior of a small kitchen

Folding wooden table

Folding wooden dining tables

IKEA wooden table, model Ingatorp

What kind of tree to prefer?

  • You should know that wood is divided into soft and hard varieties.
  • Softwoods include conifers (pine or spruce, fir and cedar, juniper), as well as chestnut, alder and willow materials, solid includes beech and oak, elm and larch, birch, apple and rowan, and dogwood, yew and white acacia. The method of processing directly depends on the density of the material. So, soft wood requires the application of several protective layers, and solid even with minimal processing ensures durability. But in any case, do not forget about the need for proper care of the wooden table and the need tablecloth, serving paths and napkins.
  • By the way, the choice of wood is important not only from the point of view of practicality, but also from the point of view of design, because each wood has its own unique textured pattern and a special color. For example, pear, birch, pine or apple boards are very light, like alder, ash and larch. But the brown, reddish shades, down to the most saturated chocolate - these are plum and oak boards, as well as wenge, teak and mahogany. In addition, modern surface treatment technologies allow changing the natural color of wood "beyond recognition". So, oak boards whiten, getting spectacular very bright surfaces with the effect of "semi-antique". Change the color of the wood can be a special varnish.
  • Wooden dining table

When choosing a table for the kitchen, be sure to take into account the wood species and its main characteristics:

  • Pine - soft, suitable for furniture only after it is coated with several protective varnish layers. But pine is cheaper relative to other species. Furniture of domestic production is often made of pine - firstly because of the demand, and secondly - there are more coniferous trees in our country;
  • Oak - it is strength, hardness, wear resistance, lack of tendency to rotting and resistance to mechanical stress, belongs to the average price category;
  • Nut - very durable, but heavy. Here you can create the most magnificent openwork carved decorations - the nut does not break. This tree species belongs to the expensive segment;
  • Linden it is characterized by plasticity and is easy to process, therefore the most original decorations are possible here. But linden must be treated with a stain, because it is inhabited by pests;
  • Hevea come from the tropics - furniture from the Hevea is brought to Russia from Malaysia. This breed remarkably resists high humidity and tolerates temperature changes without cracking, and therefore is great for the kitchen;
  • Wenge characterized by an unusually beautiful structure, wood with good hardness, strength and resistance to impact.

Wooden countertop coatings

A wooden dining table is the perfect choice for the kitchen and will create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort here.

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  1. Lucie says

    The recommendations of the choice are clear, the photo designs are beautiful, but I don’t dare to buy - it's expensive, you need special care, you will forget, you will put a hot one, you will get a spot. Moreover, the tree is so "noble" that such a table in simple interiors can look "alien."

  2. Irina Evtuh says

    The photos are really beautiful! Round tables are well suited for a large family and they look very good for any interior!

  3. GALINA says

    I like more oval tables, beautiful shape, just elegant, but round and standard square tables are already fed up with everything, it seems to me ...

  4. Andrew says

    In the style of "high-tech" tree will not look. But what prevents to make the kitchen spiritual, and not impersonal?

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